Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thank you Lakeland Ledger!

There are days when I question homeschooling. I dream of having from 8-3 everyday on my own and what a house would look like that stayed uncluttered for more than 5 minutes. Shopping without feeling as though I am being pecked to death by ducks. Then I read the newspaper and everything is put into perspective. This was just in today's paper:

1. A 3 part series of articles on how much sexual abuse goes on to students by teachers and how little is reported or dealt with.
2. An article about parents in Tampa that are suing a private school because their 12 year old boy was bullied to the point of having his arm broken.
3.The new Florida Science plan to be implemented into every public school in the state that will be required to teach evolution as fact and nothing else.

When we first began homeschooling, we basically did it as a final option. We didn't feel comfortable with the kids in public school in Bartow and we could not really afford the $15,000 plus it would cost to place them in a private school in central Florida. Now I look at it as such a blessing. My kids are happy. They are well rested, they get along together and play for hours on their own without having to be entertained. I have time to get to know them during the day and not when they get off a bus, cranky and stressed with the pressures of homework and measuring up. They are learning about God as the Creator and Scripture to back that up. They are safe.
Is homeschooling a calling? Yes. Is it for every family? No and they shouldn't feel guilty for that. Is it for us? A resounding yes and not just as a calling, but as a blessing from above.