Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nates Dressers

Because we will be moving an Ethiopian baby (or two) into Nathan's room by the end of the year, we really needed some extra drawer space in his room. A fellow Homeschool mom was having a yard sale and selling some old dressers. We bought three dressers for $45. One was pressboard and in decent shape, so we just left it alone..although I think I am going to buy handles to match the other dressers.
The other two were in pretty bad shape, but they were real wood and built well. Soooo we striped and sanded and refinished them this week. Then Nate and I went to Lowes and bought new pulls for them. Here is the before and after pictures. I think they turned out beautiful!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mike Rowe Rocks

Check out this Link to Mike Rowe's ( Dirty Jobs) Blog. I like that he is bringing awareness to the farmers in America and where our food comes from. As if Mike wasnt cool enough before I read his blog! Esther and I love Mike Rowe!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to my dad

Today is my daddy's birthday! I love you dad! You are an awesome dad and Gramps! Thanks for all you do for us and the great example you are.


We were able to go out to Colorado and visit my sister for a few days this month. I have never been west of Tenn, so it was a new experience for me too. We went up in the mountians (where it was 23 degrees and snowing, in MAY!) We also were able to go to the stadium where the Denver Broncos play and to the Denver Aquarium. My mom, dad and sister did a 5k while we were there and my dad placed 2nd in his age group! It was a short visit, but a lot of fun!