Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer weekend in Virginia

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day book

A simple women's daybook:

Outside my Window … cloudy and breezy

I am thinking … I wish that our adoption agency would make some referral calls this week! :)

I am thankful for… that my kids like to play together

From the kitchen … whole wheat bread baking

From the learning rooms … Esther and Nathan playing an education game on the computer

I am wearing … t shirt and capris, again

I am reading … Captivating

I am hoping … to see my children in Ethiopia's faces by the end of July

I am hearing … laughter

I am creating …lesson plans for the school year

Around the house … After a big cleaning day yesterday, I am enjoying a clean house :)

One of my favorite things … coffee in a big chunky mug

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week …. Our adoption fundraiser yard sale is this weekend. Praying it is a good one!

A picture for the week:

My kids and their cool Gramps after he flew them home from a weekend visit at Nana and Gramps house!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Family Fun Night Watermelon style

It has been such a long time since we have had a Family Fun Night. We had a Friday night at home ( minus Abby, she was out with friends) so I decide that it was time. I actually have planned one or two Family Fun Nights each month for the next school year. I think it will be fun and when we get back from Ethiopia, if we are referred two children and one is older, then it is a perfect opportunity to expose him/her to themes in a safe hopefully not overwhelming environment.

So Friday night was Watermelon night! Everyone had to wear green , red or black shirts. I decorated the table with red tablecloth, green napkins, red bowls and we had our watermelon punch in clear fancy smancy glasses.

We started off with a finger painting craft.
For Dinner, I made bbq chicken , green rice and black kinda looked like a watermelon! This is not original to me, I found it on another blog, but it was reeaaalllly yummy!
Esther thought it was gross to eat green rice, but I am the mom that colors their milk green on St. Patrick's Day, so she still ate it! We also had watermelon punch.

After dinner, we had a bubble blowing contest with watermelon Hubba Bubba.

After dinner we watched the one Veggie Tale movie that I knew had a watermelon in it and looked to find him while we sipped on watermelon and blueberry smoothies.

Next up will either be a back to school theme or a blizzard theme. As hot as it has been, I am in the mood to pretend it is cold and snowy outside!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dash Game

We took the kids from church to the Winston-Salem Dash game on Wednesday night. We had awesome seats and the kids had a great time in spite of the high 90 degree heat!

With Bolt the mascot
Abby and her "twin" dash girl
Nate, Josh and Reid
Our awesome seats right behind the dugout

M FUGE at Charleston Southern 2010