Friday, October 12, 2007

Our Adoption Timeline

Here is a timeline of our adoption journey:

Oct. 2006 ~ Found FBCH while researching domestic adoptions online, called for info.
Nov. 2006 ~ Sent Application to Florida Baptist Children's Home
Dec. 2006 ~ Sent out Christmas letter letting everyone know we are adopting through FBCH
March 2007 ~ Began 10 week MAPP class at FBCH
May 2007 ~ Greg finishs Mapp class
Aug.2007 ~ Set up crib
August 27. 2007 ~ First HomeStudy visit...began paperwork
August 30 2007 ~ Jackie finishes MAPP class ( I had 1 makeup class)
September 10 2007 ~ Fingerprinted
September 13 2007 ~ Delivered most of paperwork to FBCH to begin proccessing
October 11 ~ 2nd Homestudy
October 12 ~ 2nd fingerprinting and Jackie's physical

Left to do:
Greg's physical
3rd Home visit
CPR class (scheduled for Nov 3)


Amy said...

Although it seems like a long time line I still cannot believe you will soon have another addition to your family. I am excited for you!