Friday, October 12, 2007

Homestudy #2

Well, we had our 2nd homestudy last night. I think it went well, she said we were easy to interview (I am taking that to mean boring!) We will have one more home visit next Thursday where she will talk to the kids. I warned her about talking to telling what that child will say to her! Only things left to do are:
1. our physicals ~ I am hoping to go today for mine and Greg can go Monday
2. We have to be fingerprinted again thanks to WV and them not taking the info we had already sent!
3. Our CPR class scheduled for Nov 3

I cannot believe I sent our application to Florida Baptist Children's Home last November. Adoption is not for the impatient that's for sure! Our Social worker told us last night that they have 3 maternity cases and no profiles right now to show the mothers! That is why we are rushing to get approved. She also said they can go ahead and show us even without the cpr class taken, so that leads me to believe she wants to show our profile this month!

One of the couples that we took our adoption class with was placed with a baby boy 3 weeks ago. They had adopted a little girl a year before and now have a boy! I am so happy for them. They were so encouraging to me throughout the class and now that they have been placed with another baby, it makes me feel like the end might be in sight!! Please pray God would bless us with the perfect baby for our family.