Thursday, October 18, 2007

Homeschooling in October

I realized today that I have not been posting very many school photos. One reason is that when I have all three kids up in the schoolroom ,on task, I don't want to break the momentum by running downstairs and getting my camera. One cool thing that happened this month was that Nathan is saving for a guitar and his Pa asked him to come spend a Saturday working for some cash. Well ,Nate worked all day killing hogs and Pa gave him a check for $40! Nate was so proud of his first paycheck! He wanted to save me the hog kidneys to dissect, but Pa wouldn't let him. (thank you, Pa!)
In Mystery of History we studied Moses and the Tabernacle and then Joshua, Rahab and Jericho. We drew pictures of the Tabernacle and we made a thankful tree to thank God for our blessings like Joshua did. For Science, we are studying nocturnal animals, and did a week on owls. The kids made puppets and put on a puppet show while I read the book "Barn Owl". We also looked for owls at night, which is called owling.
Then we did a really cool study on bats and the kids made a lapbook. We made bat cookies on the last night of the unit. It's kinda neat because we have bats in our chimney, so we could hear them coming home in the morning. Stellaluna was our favorite book.
Of course, they also did folder work (math and language) every day. The girls and I are reading the Kirsten American girl books and we are almost finished with book 3. It is about a girl who comes to the US from Sweden in the 1850's.
Up next is a Five in a Row book called the Pumpkin Runner and in November we are taking the whole month to do an in depth Pilgrim unit. I am looking forward to it.
OK, so now my homeschooling blog has some homeschool stuff on it! I included some pictures on a slideshow below. If you want to hear the music you have to click the sound button, I made it optional because it was kinda getting on my nerves!


Amy said...

Thanks for sharing all the neat things about bats. Hope the ones in your chimney don't find their way into your home. The pictures were too cute. Welcome to the real working world Nate!