Monday, January 14, 2008

Tim Tam Slammin!

My wonderful homeschool friend from Down Under sent us some Tim Tams this week. We were so excited to get this taste from Aussie! My sister introduced us to them when she went on a mission trip to Australia. A "Tim Tam Slam" is when you bite a tiny hole in opposite sides of the cookie and then use it as a straw to sip milk or coffee. You have to be able to snap your head back at just the right time to swallow the cookie or else it will fall in your drink. We are quite good at this, if I do say so myself!! So Thanks to Donna for our delicious treat!!


Anonymous said...

How fun!! :)

Rach :)

Anonymous said...

Another fun "food" day in the life of the Mullis family. I cannot wait until I can come and visit you.

Love ya!

Jodi Bob said...