Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Wonderful Husband's suggestion

My darling dearest has told me that the holidays have brought too many slide shows to my blog and that it takes entirely too long to load. So, instead of deleting them I am posting more so that they move into the older post section... thus taking less time to see my blog. Please excuse and endure theses rambling post until mission is accomplished. Actually, we start back to school tomorrow and I plan on posting a ginormous post about our Arctic unit and that should do the trick! Oh and I would really like some comments on if you like the new look or not...please.


Anonymous said...

Very cute!!! Miss you guys!

Rach :)

Anonymous said...

I think the new format looks great -- of course, I love all the photos, etc. too.


Jodi Bob said...

Rambling... Not you? Of course not. Like the background... Looks like wood.
Love ya

sharon said...

The new format is great with one exception--my old eyes have difficulty seeing the white. I know it reminds you of snow and the blue of a sunny winter sky day in the mountains.