Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January Projects

I was able to acomplish two things this month that I wanted to share. One is a New Years resolution I have had for about 12 years now and that is to learn to sew. My sweet friend Rachel came over last week and showed me the basics and then gave me her old machine! Thanks Rach ;>)

I sewed an apron for Abby and I am working on a tablerunner. Abby is working on a baby quilt.

The other project was an old dresser that my Mother in law gave me. She was going to take it to the dump and I just thought it had some "good bones" about it. So I cleaned it and sanded it down and painted it and now it is in my LR/DR and is holding all my sewing stuff and knitting stuff and table linens.


NANA said...

Good job!! My painting project doesn't look near as interesting. Do you know that I do not OWN an apron? So, girls, get busy and make me one and bring when you come the middle of the month. Thanks!! :>)