Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Adoption Update

Greg went Monday to have his physical at the doctor. He will get his TB test back today and we will mail it off. Our Social Worker emailed me to say that she has sent our home study for preapproval and once all the required signatures are on there then we will be approved!!!!
We also had her put in the home study we would go older than an infant, but younger than Esther. I wouldn't mind a toddler boy especially as Nathan wants a little brother so badly and he will be 8 by the time we get an infant.
We will see...God knows what we need.
Of course, if we get a toddler, then we can always keep our name on the list in case a newborn girl becomes available too!! (As I post this, I think I can hear my parents and in laws sigh and shake their head..."5 kids! " they say...well, I warned them all when I got married I wanted 5!))


Anonymous said...

Don't go accusing me of anything -- I think 5 grand kids sounds great!! And it makes the total for the family a nice Biblical number!

The Jodi Bob said...

Have 10... I don't care!! LOL... They just ain't getting my bed! HA!

Anonymous said...

You must have the family basketball number you always wished for!