Monday, January 7, 2008

Arctic Lesson Plan January 2008

Week 1
Day 1 ~ Read Magic school bus in the Arctic. Do the Blubber experiment. Make Snowflakes. Pick an Arctic animal for research study.

Day 2 ~ Read Storm Run. Check out the internet site about the Iditarod Do map worksheet. Begin Lapbook on sled dogs. Watch Balto

Day 3 ~ Write a friendly letter to a musher wishing them good luck in the race. Paint with Marshmallows and cut out a polar bear for center of page . Do Dog sled work sheet and work on lapbook.(Begin reading Black Star, Bright Dawn at night.(chapter Book)

Day 4 ~ Read Akiak. Research project.Mush dog craft . Watch Snowdogs. Work on Sled Dog Lapbook.

Day 5 ~ Listen to Stone Fox on CD. Make snowman rice krispie treats. Finish sled dog lapbook. Research on Arctic animal. Practice oral report of Arctic animal.

Week 2

Day 1 ~ Make a list of Arctic animals. Look over the animal flashcards. Read Tacky the penguin. Draw write now. Watch Arctic Tale

Day 2 ~ Go over the differences between Arctic and Antartica. Read North Pole South Pole. Draw animals in Draw write now. Research project note cards.

Day 3 ~ Read Arctic Lights .Draw the northern lights. Practice research oral report.
Day 4 ~ Who are the inuits? Read Mama do you love me? Make a comparison chart on how they live v/s how we live in Florida. Make an igloo with sugar cubes. Make an Eskimo puppet. Do oral report on Arctic animal for dad.

Day 5 ~ What is Snow? Read the lapbook info and do a small lapbook.