Sunday, July 1, 2007

A thankful heart

OK! Anyone that knows me knows I do not like hot weather! So this time a year living in a place like Florida, I have a difficult time enjoying the great outdoors. Instead of dwelling on the negitives I have compiled a list of reasons I am thankful for summer:

Going to the beach
Cooking out on the grill
More fish frys
No school for 6 weeks
homemade ice cream
cool summer movies
Staying up later and sleeping in later
It only lasts 4 month!

OK, I realize the majority of my list is food related, so I must be hungry and the fact that I count summer being over in 4 months as a thankful quality makes me realize I might need to work on this a little more....oh well, I am trying!


Amy said...

I'm proud of you. You're becoming a true Floridian!