Friday, June 29, 2007

Why is it so hard to just obey?

Last night we were suppose to go to Lighthouse Ministries. It is only once a month and I have been looking forward to going for weeks. Then this week happened. After Dinah got hit Saturday night, everyone has just been close to either tears or anger all week, we have not been home one night this week, Kasey, our lab, had fleas all over him from a little "field trip" he took to our neighbors pasture. I just wanted to get some meds for him, give him a bath and stay home, but NO... we are out of everything (including coffee!), so I need to make a wal-mart trip (YUCK).
Greg had to take Mammy her car from the dealorship, so I said," let me follow you, we will go out to dinner (there was no food at home to cook) and then I will drop you off at home to wash the dog and I will go to wal-mart." Totally blowing off Lighthouse, I had too much to do!

Thus begins our evening.My normally well behaved in public kids acted like they had never been out to eat. I was kicked or pulled on the whole dinner. The food was not so great. The kids meals were free (why we chose this place) and yet out bill was still almost $50. Then our card didn't work. AND I KNOW there is money in our account because I had checked the balance 3 hours earlier! So I had to leave Greg there and go to the bank (to prove we had money) Thankfully they just took our credit card.
I was expecting a tree to fall on me in the walmart parking lot(Oh wait! That happened last month in our front yard!) Then it dawned on me, if I would have just given the Lord 2 hours of my time to go minister to the women at Lighthouse I would have been at such a better place last night at 9:00. Not frustrated with my kids for just being kids and mad at myself for spending too much money at dinner. I wouldn't be complaining because I had to go shopping, but thankful that I had a family that loved me and grateful that I could go to walmart and buy them food.
See, God didn't need me to go to Lighthouse for Him or for the women there. He needed me to go to Lighthouse for me. I just wished I would have listened. How many times do I say to my children," How hard is it to just obey me? It is for your own good." Next time God tells me what to do, I am praying I will have learned a lesson and just listen!


Amy said...

My poor friend! You know we all have those days.
Just take a minute and glance through this website you have created (as I do). You will be reminded of how blessed you truly are.
You know that I often wish we lived closer so we could be there to help each other deal with life. This website lets me feel as if I am connected to your family even though we are far away. Your life is what many people only dream about. God has truly blessed you and I know He will continue to do so!
Can't wait to see you next week.
Love ya!