Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Mystery of History

Abby and DoodleBeetle
Nathan and Sharkeel
Esther and her RainbowMaid

Our History curriculum is called the Mystery of History. It is a chronological look at history beginning with Creation. This was our first week, so we studied creation and Adam and Eve. One of our activities was to try to create a new creature and how great is was that God created so many creatures. Here is what they came up with:

Abby: A doodlebeatle ~ He likes to make doodles in leaves and eat them and likes to play flytag.

Nathan: A Sharkeel ~ He lives underwater and lives in a cave with dark fish. He eats people and if he bites you, you will have cancer for 15 years. His enemy is whales.

Esther: A RainbowMaid ~ Part mermaid, part rainbow, she lives under the sea and eats seaweed. She is afraid of sharks and the Kracken.