Monday, July 23, 2007

First Day of School

Today was our first day back at school! We are going to try year round school and take us a few fall break trips and a longer spring break. I really am not a slave driver, it is just tooo hot to be outside, so why not school now and then be able to enjoy the lovely winter months in Florida?

Our newest addition to school was Miss Esther Mullis, who as of today, is now a kindergarten student!! She will be ...ahhh,... interesting to have in the classroom for sure this year!!

I have never posted a schedule on my blog before and it does change with whatever we have going on, but here is a general look at what we are doing:

9:00 Bible time, songs, scripture memory

9:30 Science or Five in a Row ( rotating every other week)

10:00 Snack and chores

10:30 Math and language

11:15 Reading aloud to me or silent reading

11:30 History

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Read aloud in chapter book

1:30 Finish any work from AM or art project or video that relates to a subject we are studying.

2:00 School is out!

It really is such a blessing to have them home and to teach them like this!!


Amy said...

Best of luck on your new school year, Teacher Mullis. You won't need much luck with your skill and three great students. Who knows?...Esther might turn out to be your prize pupil! I think you should include an "email Amy" time on your school schedule. Keep me posted and stay cool.

Anonymous said...

Look at you so organized and efficiant!!! Have fun! :)

See ya tomorrow night!
Rach :)