Friday, August 7, 2009

Yeah What she said!

Isn't Jon Gosselin's fifteen minutes over yet? From author Kristen Billerbecks blog

I'm so tired of seeing this loser in his bad Ed Hardy tattoo clothing with his young "I'm so in love" bimbo hanging off his arm. Girls, if you're out there. Please, don't ever announce publicly that you're in love with a married man. It's beyond bad taste and you're going to get hurt in the end. It's the same advice I give to women standing by their man in a sex scandal. Let him take this one for the team. K?

As a mother of four, I am TICKED at Jon and his loser self. Do you have any idea what I have to do to go to a writers' conference for a weekend? How does this loser have time to fly all over the world and keep an apartment in NYC? Listen, he is divorcing his wife, not his kids.

She's taking the brunt for what a witch she is, but I'm telling you, this guy is without morals and she tried to make him act like a man. And he can't man-up unless it's to act like an oversexed teenager. He didn't man-up and get a job. Then, he whined that she made him do the show. Hey, here's an idea, go to WORK and she won't make you be on the show. Take control of your family and she won't have to.

I realize that marriage takes two, but talk about your underfunctioning husband. I hope his new girlfriend's daddy plans to support them, because I can't see Ed Hardy's clothing line lasting forever to be their meal ticket. That's another thing, why do I want to dress like a loser with no job, who abandons his children?

Not going to be blogging for awhile since I'm moving and finishing up a book, but I will be back for the Bachelorette Finale. Can't help myself there.

*** Oh and she is a fab christian writer if you want some real world chick lit without the smut!


Anonymous said...

Good blog. I agree. ~Amy