Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Homeschool year number 6!!

I cannot believe this is my 6th year homeschooling.....really? 6 years?? Well, I homeschooled Abby from November on in Kindergarten. There was a lady in our church named Martha Sherrill who totally inspired me to homeschool after watching her relationship with her children and how much fun they had together. After a disastrous half a year for first grade I brought Abby back home for the rest of that year. Her and Nathan went to the school my Mother in Law taught at for K and 2nd and then I began homeschooling again after that year and have been since and Abby is going into 6th grade. Sooooo year # 6 baby!!!

We will start Aug 17th and here is a rundown of this year:

Math U See again ( love love love this curriculum!)
Abeka for language
Abeka for Spelling/writing
Abeka for phonics (Esther)
Rod and Staff Bible
History and Science will be Abeka as well with some fun Five in a Row units thrown in

We are going to have a Jamestown/Williamsburg/Pocahontas unit for about 6 weeks and end with a field trip there this fall

We will using the Prairie Primer and going through the Little House Books for Literature

I have a Fall and Spring nature study based on the North Carolina forests that will each end with a trip to Greg's parents cabin in November and May

We are going to do a Christmas Advent study on the Jotham's Journey book

For extra curricular activities:

All 3 will be in the Walkertown Home Educators Drama Club's production of Cheaper by the Dozen

We will continue to participate in our local co op. I know I am teaching an American girl club that Esther is going to be in and I know that Abby and Nathan will be taking a NC history class, but other than that I am not sure about the classes yet.

Dance for Esther, basketball for Abby and flag football for Nathan will be the sports of choice for each

All three will be puppeteers for Korners Folly this season

We will do at least one or two home school PE 6 week sessions at the YMCA.

I really do count myself as blessed to be able to stay home with and teach my children. They are such a blessing!


Janet said...

Not sure if you know about Williamsburg's Homeschooler Experience in September. Check out history.org/homeschoolers for more info. Looks like a great year ahead for you guys! Enjoy! :)