Wednesday, August 26, 2009

this and that

School is going amazingly well the past week and a half. It is crazy, but I feel much better about everything when we are doing school. I think it is the routine where I have just been kinda lazy all summer.

Abby starts volleyball games next week. My in laws are coming to visit and Pioneers clubs begin at church! Busy September. I am excited though because I felt a hint of fall while I was on the porch yesterday. Whoo Hooo!

We are still asking the Lord to give us direction on adoption. We have looked and prayed over different countries and agencies and we still feel led to Ethiopia. I believe we will use America World as our agency. We have actually signed the paper work and it is waiting for a recent picture of our whole family and the application fee. Greg posted his motorcycle on Craig's List and if it sells then Greg will have money to continue restoring his bronco and we will be able to begin the paperwork process too! Praying for a quick sale!!

I have come up with a new weekly organizer and am working on a post about it...soon!!