Monday, June 8, 2009

God's weekend gift to us.

Our family has been talking for some time about getting a new puppy. Nathan especially really really wanted an inside/outside dog he could play with. So this weekend I had made some calls and we went over to an animal adoption fair in Winston-Salem. There were some puppies we saw online that were really cute. Well, I fill out a 3 page application and find out we have to have a home visit and a $150 adoption fee. Honestly...I wasn't feeling it. Just didn't seem like the dog for us.

Nathan was all upset saying he was never going to get a puppy, but on the way home I checked and there was a chocolate lab listed in Kernersville. So I call and leave a message and then Nate stares at my phone for 3 hours waiting for it to ring! :) 

When the guy, Shawn calls back we find out that he is originally from the same town in West Virginia that all our kids were born in and so we talk for a while and he wants $300 for this AKC chocolate lab. I explain to him that we really can't afford to pay that for a dog, but thanks. He told me that he had another lady coming to look at him, but if she doesn't buy him, then he would call me back and make a deal.

Nate is upset again and we tell him that if God wants us to have a lab then He will allow it to be one we can afford and and that if it is the chocolate lab then the lady won't buy him and Shawn will call us back tomorrow (Sunday) night.

About 10 min later, he calls back an asks me if we care what color lab we get. We said no and he said, "Well, if you want a black lab puppy, you can have him for free!" I honestly could not believe it!  He said that it was a litter of 13 pups and that he had 3 black ones that nobody had chosen and he really needed to get them in good homes and we seemed like a good family that would love him and take care of him.

So, yesterday afternoon we went to visit and picked out the cutest, calmest lab puppy I have ever seen! Shawn even gave us his AKC papers. His name is Mac. I was just so excited to watch Nathan watch God provide, not for a need, but for a very special want in a little boys heart. Here is a picture of our new baby boy:


Donna said...

I was thrilled to meet Mac last night. He is the perfect addition to the Mullis family and a very lucky puppy. I look forward to watching Mac grow as your love for him certainly will too.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear about the latest Mullis addition. I hope Sammy will not be too jealous. Can't wait to meet Mac!
Love to all ~Amy

Rachel said...

What a great story!! God is soo good!! :) He's a cutie!