Thursday, May 28, 2009

School is finished

Well, we finished school this week. The kids are excited and I guess I am too. I do need a break, but I look back at this past year as my favorite of the 4 years I have homeschooled. I was more relaxed in some areas and it seemed to make the year flow much more smoothly. We discovered workboxes (Yay!) and did more nature journaling. We joined a co op that has been so much fun and finally found a math curriculum that meets both student and teacher needs! (Math U See).

I would like to do some summer school, but my kids are totally against it, so I do believe I will slip some school into our summer by calling it book clubs and field trips. Esther and I are reading some American girl books and I am hoping to finally make it to Sciworks and to the NC Aquarium.

We have canoe and river rafting trips planned. I am trying to get up the courage to tent camp. We have Vacation Bible School 1 week and 1 week Greg and I are going to teen camp and the kids will spend a week with my parents. I am going to begin the New Beth Moore Esther study with some ladies from church. Throw in plenty of swimming and cookouts and that will be our summer!

I am already planning my first month back in school in August and am so excited about some of the new things to incorporate into our homeschool.

Tomorrow is our official end of school day and we are going out to dinner to Moe's and then to see the movie UP. We are all looking forward to that. Happy Summer!!


Anonymous said...

I think summer school would be a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Give those school kids a summer break! ~Substitute Teacher, Amy

Anonymous said...

I vote with the kids - NO summer school -- just fun in the sun. Love, Nana