Friday, June 1, 2007

May 31st was our last day of school for about 2 months! We let the kids choose a place to eat and "the Principal" presented them certificates of achievement. Then we gave them an Adventure Box full of cool summer things. The box was pirate themed and had all kind of piratey things in there: Treasure Island (we will read this together at night), pirate sunglasses, stickers, puzzles, eyepatches, coloring books,fruit snacks. We also included some not so pirate things, but fun for summer like water balloons, water guns,sidewalk chalk and flash cards. They chose to eat at Mongolian Grill for dinner. Welcome to our official Summer!!


Lindsey said...

Hi there Jackie! This is Lindsey and I'm sitting here with mom and dad (also known as Coach and Mrs. Coach). We really like your site and your new dog.. i just got one of the same kind too :) Hope you guys are doing well.. tell everyone hello for us!