Monday, June 18, 2007

My big fisherman

Nathan has been talking and talking about going fishing when we were down at the island on vacation. Well, last Saturday, we went out on the boat to tube. It was so much fun, even Esther got on the tube. Nathan rode the tube, but then said "I want to fish!" It was around noon, so we all decide to dock at Rum Bay and get some lunch. Nate was so put out because he didn't want to eat, he wanted to fish!! I realized it must be important to him if he was willing to give up lunch! So as soon as we ate, we went out and put the lines in. Nathan maybe had his in the water 3 min. and he got a catch! It was a 16" ( a keeper!) trout! He was soo excited! That was the only keeper of the day. After his pawpaw showed him how to clean it, he told me I didn't have to worry about supper cause he had taken care of it. Well, I was able to get about 12 little fried nuggets out of it and they were soooo good!! We decided we better go ahead and eat our hamburgers too, but Nate's catch of the day sure was a good appetizer!!