Tuesday, May 8, 2007


We are doing a unit on plants this spring. We each chose a package of seeds or plants to work with. Abby picked cucumbers, Nathan chose squash, Essie ~sunflowers and I chose tomato plants. We have had fun watering and measuring them every week. We finally have 2 squash and two green tomatos! Nathan said that the only way we can cook his squash it to fry them! I think we might be overrun with squash by mid summer. We have about 12 blooms on our plants!


Jodi said...

Welcome to the world of blogging.

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea and well done! My, those are some fine looking children!! I'm sure they are exceptionally sharp too.
-- From Nana in Virginia (Who misses you very much!!)

Barbara said...

Enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading about your exciting units of study. Keep up the good work. From and old retired Teacher in C'burg, Va.!

Anonymous said...

Your mom shared this w/me. WE are members of the Mont. Co. Gideons. It looks like u have it all under control and the children are blessed to have u invest in them in this fashion. I could have never done it, but I respect all who are capable and patient enough.
I know God is blessing u as u sacrifice for your family. Will be anxious to hear more as the years pass.
Debbie Gallimore, Ch'bg