Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Our School Room

I am unbelievably blessed to have my very own schoolroom. We have a loft in our house that is set aside just for schooling. Greg got me this awesome desk from work and so I even have my own desk. I have been working on organizing all our supplies, books and curriculum. I also put a timeline on the wall, so that is nice to go with our new history unit, The Mystery of History. I have an old table that the kids do their work on and pait and do crafts on. We spend a lot of time in the loft!


This Woman said...

Jackie, your schoolroom looks so warm, inviting and cozy. I love the idea of a loft. My friend Dawn has her loft as a schoolroom. (Actually their home is an old rock schoolhouse from the early 1900's --so that is a treasure in its own--)

Enjoy your special space!

This Woman said...

Jackie--- "this woman" is Oney. I forgot to sign my comment.