Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Madeline was probably my favorite book we have rowed. We studied France, the Eifel Tower, the language, the food, the landmarks that are in Madeline, and famous artist from France. At the end of the week, we went to Epcot and ate lunch in the France part of World Showcase! We had ham and cheese croisoints, and eclairs, some creme brule' too! We met a Disney worker from Paris and he let us take pictures with him. They were able to color masks and we just made a day of it. We also watched the Madeline cartoon and talked about hospitals and surgery as Madeline had to go to the hospital.We discussed germs and how they can make you sick. For Math, we grouped thing in even rows as Madeline was one of 12 little girls who walked in two straight line. All in all a fun frenchy kind of week! Cioa


Rach said...

We are rowing Mirette on a High Wire next week which takes place in France also. I will steal your idea of going to Epcot. It's also about the circus so we are going to go over to Sarasota and check out the Ringling museum. It'll be a cool week!