Sunday, December 26, 2010

Word of the Year

I am involved in a home school online community and for the past 4 or 5 years we have all encouraged each other to choose a Word of the Year. A word that you will remember and will help you in the coming year to be a better mother, more like Christ, a better wife..the reasons are all different as to why ladies choose their word. I love to read every one's word and why they chose it. I also love to hear the reflections at the end of each year and how meaningful their word has become to them. Below was my post on the forum about the word I have chosen.

My Word of the year is : Expect

I have been " expecting" my Ethiopian babies for 13 months now..(sort of the gestation of a baby elephant!) God gave me this verse back in July when we were waiting on our first baby referral never even knowing that we would actually be 3 weeks away from leaving for Ethiopia and still have not laid eyes on our baby!

"Yahweh, in the morning you shall hear my voice. In the morning I will lay my requests before you, and will watch expectantly." Psalms 5:3

I was convicted that I pray and then don't EXPECT Him to do great things and that I should. He loves me and wants to give me the desires of my hearts. He also EXPECTS that I will grow and learn more of Him and His love through the trials and the joys of life. That way the desires of my heart are also the things that please Him.

I am EXPECTING great things in 2011!


Anonymous said...

LOVE this! And you.

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