Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Years Bags

Each year we have a New Years countdown with paper bags. I usually print out clocks and there is a riddle and the kids open a new bag on each hour. Last year we were in Florida and were not able to do the bags and everyone missed them. This year we will be driving home from FL on New Years Eve and staying in a motel in SC. Soooo, we are going to have our NYE bags travel style! We will end around 10:00 because we should reach our motel about then and we are staying somewhere with an indoor pool, so the last bag is swimsuits and we will celebrate 2011 in the pool!

Here are the riddles and bag treats for 2010

2010 is about to end and we have a trip to make. To get us in the mood open bag # 1 and we will celebrate!

4:00 Party hats and necklaces and glasses

Road Trips can be kinda boring and slow, but we can make it great. Open bag #2 and see what fun you can create!

5:00 Mad Libs

2 hours down, just 4 more to go .these bags are fun, they are so neat. Start checking signs on the road..because now its time to EAT!

6:00 Dinner

Our bellies are full and we feel good, but now what can we do? How about opening bag number 4 and enjoy what is in there too!

7:00 a movie

Take a break to see whats in here, just a little something to give you some cheer! :)

8:00 suckers

We are close to reaching our stop for the night, but New Years Eve is not the same if you don't try and make it bright!

9:00 DS game for all three? OR light ups battery sparklers

We are here! That was great! Now...... Are you ready? Are you set? What is in this last bag you will need cause you are gonna GET WET!

10:00 swim suits


Leslie said...

Love it!!! What a great way to make your trip special AND to keep a fun family tradition!!! You are an awesome Mom!


Lin Mi said...

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