Monday, August 16, 2010

School year 2010-2011

The new year school starts today!!! We really have an easy week to get us back in the grove. The kids are taking a class at the local 4-H building called Chef to Child and it is a cooking and health class. We are also going to be starting our Bible and Science curriculum this week. Today is crazy with 4-H, volleyball practice, dance and a softball double header SO tomorrow is going to be our actually fun back to school day!

I let each student chose a favorite for dinner. Abby picked appetizers and chose Won Ton wrappers.
Esther gets to chose main dish and has already decided on chicken legs
Greg and I both picked a side item ( him- mac and cheese, me- broccoli)
Nathan chose dessert which will be cherry pie and ice cream.

After dinner there will be a back to school supply scavenger hunt! Here is the list of things they are looking for:

Go GO GO and find the glue..It is in the place you go Doodoo! ( I know...potty humor!, but they think it is hilarious!) - bathroom

Markers are nice, Markers are neat. Go find the markers where Mac likes to eat! -back porch

Crayons will help you draw lots of art, but where they are hiding you can also find a poptart! - pantry

A binder will hold all the fun projects we do, but to find them think Chicken Stew! - pots and pans cabinet

A notebook is where your journal will be, but right now your notebooks are under a tree! - back yard

We use tape to keep things together you see..but for now your tape is on top of the Wii! - living room wii

Pencils can help you write or draw, but right now they are hiding out in the hall! - hallway

folder is great to make a lapbook, so lots of folders are in the breakfast nook - kitchen

It is school time again, but please don't BooHoo..these little kids will do that for you! I thought a treat might be kinda nice, so get check them out they are hanging out with the ice! - sour patch kids in the freezer!

I am also planning to take pictures of the kids outside for their "school picture". I am hoping the weather will be nice.

Happy Monday Y'all!


Rachel said...

oh I love it!! I'm gonna steal this for when we start in a couple of weeks! Thanks for sharing! :)

Jackie said...

Steal away friend! You are the reason I posted it before we actually did it..just in case you needed an idea for back to school! Love ya!! ~ J

Officially Quirky said...

I noticed that you use a "Bible and Science Curriculum." I was just curious, but do you teach the theory of evolution, or simply the way the Bible teaches that the human race was made?