Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rainbow Night

We had a Friday night at home and decided it would be a good night for Family Fun night because Friday nights at home are few and far between anymore! We decided to have Rainbow Night! Everyone had to wear a shirt one of the colors of the rainbow. Check out the yummy selection of snacks... Lucky charms, Rainbow Chips Ahoy and a little Taste the Rainbow (skittles)For dinner we had' Rainbow Kabobs', green beans and tomatos and cucumbers (very colorful)The table was set with paper placemats and crayons. We played a game trying to see who could make the most words out of the word rainbow and then everyone had to color a rainbow on the back of the placemat. We also had rainbow was really good!Here are the kids rainbow picturesWe finished the night munching on our skittles and rainbow cookies while watching a little "Somewhere over the rainbow!" It was Esther Hope's first time watching the Wizard of Oz and she loved it!


Anonymous said...

Good idea! Your kabobs looks yummy!! LU --- Nana

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Awww, we had a rainbow day a while back. :) Such fun! I love that you added the movie on.