Friday, April 11, 2008

The Sun n Fun??? Fly in

Yesterday we went to the Sun N Fun flying festival that comes to Lakeland every year. It coast about $30 to get into the thing, but with our home school group the kids were free and I was 5 bucks. The form also said it was from 10-12. I thought we could handle two hours of airplanes, but boy was I wrong!!!!
It was soo hot and I didn't bring sunscreen or water bottles with us. We were about 20 min late getting started and when the tour actually began, my kids were already beginning to wilt. We walked and walked and heard all about every kind of flying machine imaginable and then we walked some more! Finally about an hour and a half into the tour we went inside a fighter plane and that was pretty cool, but when we walked back out into the sun, Esther had a meltdown!!
She started crying and yelling that she was hot and hungry and tired of walking and everything smelled like Llama poop and she was gonna throw up!! So, I told the leader of the group we were gonna leave a little early, especially when the tour guide said we had another hour of touring to go!!
I took everyone to McDonald's for Happy Meals and after a cheeseburger and lemonade in the air conditioned van, all was right again with the world!! It was funny cause it kinda reminded me of a trip to Washington DC and my dad making us tour the Air and Space museum for what seemed like hours and here I go, putting my kid through the same thing!!!

I have some pictures I will post that I took during the 1st half hour that show us enjoying the field trip.