Thursday, April 3, 2008

7 more years till she is a teenager!

Last night on the way home from church Esther kept getting louder and louder and Greg kept telling her to be quiet. Finally he just said okay no more talking until we get home. Well Essie began squeaking and moaning instead, so Greg told her when we get home go straight up to your room. Well, he took the wooden spoon upstairs and gave her a talking to and a few swats.
When I went up to kiss her goodnight here is how our conversation went:

Me: Did you get a spanking?
Her: Ya know that dad that is a preacher and he is married to a homeschool mom who has three kids?
Me: Yeah?
Her: Well, he is really really smart!
Me: Why?
Her: Did you see how he handled me with that wooden spoon? No more bad choices for me!!
Me: (Trying sooo hard not to laugh!) Did it hurt?
Her: No, it felt like an indian burn, but don't tell him, it might hurt his feelings!

Oh My goodness! What are we going to do with this child when she becomes a teenager!!!


Anonymous said...

It's my second time hearing that story and I am still laughing. Esther is a girl after my own heart. Love her personality!

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