Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Valentine Scavenger Hunt

To kick off out Valentine's week, we are going to have scavenger hunt on Monday evening, before bed. They will be given a heart with a riddle on it and have to solve the riddle to find out where the next clue is. The hearts are located in a place that goes with the letter on the heart they just found and it will eventually spell out valentine (just keep reading and you will figure it out!) Answers are posted at the bottom


No matter this mess..say no more, just pull me out and I will clean your floor


This is where the oldest sleeps, it is said, but you better knock first or off with your head!


This is where your clothes go after wearing them all day, then mom washes and folds and puts them away.


The Queen lives here, She declares, Be careful as you hop up the stairs

The only boy sleeps upstairs too, but his clothes live in a different room

On here we watch Hannah Montana and Movies too, but for now it is holding a clue

One day a baby we hope very soon, right now there is just a heart in his room

An N word place, but what a stink, so hold your nose and think think THINK!

It holds these fragile things we eat, your last clue is hard, but I will repeat. We eat them for breakfast and on Wednesday nights too. It comes from a farm, but it doesn’t say moo!

You found all your hearts! You are the best! You solved the riddles, you passed the test and for your reward….a pajama run we shall make. To Sonic for slushies and maybe a shake!!!

V ~ Vacume, A ~Abby's room ,L ~ Laundrey hamper, E ~ Essies room ,N ~ Nathans closet, T ~ TV, I ~ Isaacs room, N ~ Nathans shoe, E ~ Egg carton


Anonymous said...

This is so creative!!!! I love it!! Do you really think all this up on your own??? soo cool!

Rach :)