Friday, February 1, 2008

Homeschool for February 4-8

We are going to be doing a Chocolate Unit this coming week. I have taken ideas from different websites and teachers and put them in a unit of my own.

Begin reading the Chocolate Touch (Lit)
Watch a chocolate factory video online (Science)
Estimate the number of m &m's in a jar (Math)
Brainstorm types of candy bars then place them in ABC order (Language)
A 5 senses worksheet on a Hershey Kiss (Science)

Read a chapter in the Chocolate Touch (Lit)
Read Cocoa Ice (Lit, Science)
Look at pictures online of a caoco field (Science)
Do a online poll for favorite chocolate candy ( Social Studies)
Graph m&m's (Math)

Read a chapter in the Chocolate Touch (Lit)
Do Hershey Bar Fractions (Math)
Do Hershey Bar weight (Math)
Read biography of Hershey (Social Studies, Lit)
Listen to Chocolate Fever on CD o the way to church (Lit)

Read a chapter in the Chocolate Touch (Lit)
Create your own Chocolate Bar worksheet (Art)
Watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory DVD (Lit)
Fingerpaint with chocolate syrup (Art)

Finish reading the Chocolate Touch (Lit)
Do a "types of rocks" experiment with brownie's & hot fudge (Science) * See above post *
Have chocolate fondue for dinner (FUN!)

I will post some picture next weekend after we are finished! Now, if I can only figure out how to pull together a coffee unit!! :>)


Anonymous said...

That's AWESOME!!! We should co-op everyday this week! And by that I mean, can we come do YOUR school?? hahahaha :)
Rach :)

SoniaM said...

this is fantastic i cant wait to do this study thanks heaps

Carol S said...

Sounds like tons of fun! If your library has the book Chocolate Fever, that might be fun for you to add in, and it's definitely a quick read.