Thursday, December 27, 2007

Word for 2008

I read in a book somewhere about choosing a word for the new year. A word that would describe how you would like to look at life, about your attitude, hopes, dreams and even prayers. My word for 2008 is" Aware".
I want to be aware of how much the Lord has given me. Aware that my children are a joy each day even when they are cranky, messy and loud! Aware of my handsome husband and his godly influence in my life, as the leader of our home and as my pastor. Aware that as a pastor's wife, I have been given the gift to touch people in our church with kindness and prayer. Two amazing things that don't require a depth of talent or spiritual gifts ,only willingness. I want to be aware of how I take care of my body and what I eat. Aware that not everyone I love will be with me always and I should cherish each moment.

I want to be aware of the gift I have been given in an education and aware of the freedom I have to teach my own children at home and watch them grow. I get so busy sometimes with life that life goes by so fast and I don't even realize how awesome God is and how He has blessed me. I want to be aware that HE is with me always and no matter what will be. I don't know what joys and hurts 2008 holds, but I want to be aware of my God and His amazing gift of presence in my life.


Mi-chelle said...

I was re-reading the thread from the FIAR board & I found this post. Really made me think. Thanks