Friday, December 28, 2007

New Years Eve Bags

This is an idea I got from a homeschool message board and I have kinda tweaked it and made it my own. I thought it sounded like so much fun. I will post the pictures after the New Year.

Idea ~ Have paper bags with a clock on the outside of the bag, on each hour beginning at 5:00pm, the kids read a rhyme and open the bag. You have bags to open on the hour all the way to midnight!

Here is a list of what we are putting in our bags and the rhymes I made up to go with the bags.

5:00 ~ In the Bag : Twister game and party hats
Note: Twist and Shout and jump all about the party has just begun! So, put on a smile and your party hat and lets have some fun fun fun!!

6:00 ~ In the Bag : Makings for smores
Note: A better snack there never will be, if you are camping or down by the sea. We must wait for ‘08 a little bit more, but while you do, enjoy a SMORE!

7:00 ~ In the Bag : Face paint and bubbles
Note: I feel pretty, how bout you? Let’s paint our face like the fancy folks do. You be a joker and I’ll be a cat then we will blow with the bubbles till our bubble juice runs out!

8:00 ~In the Bag: Sparklers and noise maker craft supplies
Note: It’s time to get loud, its time to get brite, or we might not stay up for this long, happy night. With markers and beans a noisemaker we will shape, and then with the sparklers we will celebrate!

9:00 ~ In the Bag: A book, puzzle and suckers
Note: Let’s snuggle up and read…. now please stay awake, How bout some sugar for goodness sake! Let’s work on a puzzle for a minute or so, only 3 more hours to go!

10:00 ~ In the Bag : A movie and popcorn
Note: By now it’s time for pajamas and a movie. Has this been fun? Has this been groovy? Let’s all grab a spot and start the show, pop some corn and 1 2 3 …GO!

11:00 ~ In the Bag: Cookies and new cups for milk and a notebook.
Note: No bedtime is complete without a glass of milk and a treat, so lets pass out the cookies and eat eat eat! 2007 is almost gone and it has been great, write down a memory to celebrate!

Last Bag @ 11:45 ~ A piece of candy, and a scripture for each child to read.
Note: A last sweet treat to end ’07.Let’s read God’s word and talk to Him in Heaven.
On TV, the ball will drop, shiny and great. Happy New Year, kids, It’s 2008!!!!


Anonymous said...

Cute Idea! Can't wait to see pictures! I can't even fathom that much energy right now! hahaha :)


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Anonymous said...

Let me know how the New Year's Eve bags worked out -- cute idea. Any photo's?


Anonymous said...

Loved hearing about your night Jackie! Sooo fun!
Happy New year!!
~Jen Unsell