Saturday, September 8, 2007

Football Saturday

We are a college football family around here! Since Greg grew up in Florida he has been a Gator fan all his life and it seems as though my children are following in his footsteps, I don't mind too much and I even like Tim Tebow and the gators never have had to play my Hokies! Yes I am Beamer Ball, Orange and Maroon HOKIE!!
All 3 of my kids were born in West Virginia and we loved it there so much that every time we see a bumper sticker or ball cap with WVU on it we all shout Go Mountaineers!, So we have a little bit of that in us too! So here is my shout out: Go Hokies! Go Gators! Go Mountaineers!
And now I think I will go watch a little football, followed by a little football and then maybe we will end the evening on the couch watching a little football!


Amy said...

I'm afraid it was the "Hokie Chokies" this weekend.
The best thing about college football is Kirk Herbstreet. He helps get me throught the long winter season. I didn't get to see him in person last week when GameDay was in Blacksburg, but I knew he was close by. The Home Depot set up was right across from our College of Science tailgate setup. If I hadn't been working, I would have braved the crazy fans to go see Kirk. Maybe, next year.

Later Football Fan!