Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lesson from the Manna Part 2

A Daily Dependence
It must be taken up daily. (Verse 20)
Why? Why not in one big gathering day for the week and be done with it? God wanted them to come to Him in a daily relationship. His provisions were not there because He needed us to be dependent on HIM, He wants to be in a realtionship with us and we need to be in a relationship with Him, but the only way most fo us will come to HIM is if we are desperate and dependent, not on our own free will. When we think we have it together we tend to forget about God. HE gives us the need as well as the provision for the need!

They tried to store up (verse 20)
And when they did it got worms and stank! How often we try to store up on spiritual bread on Sunday and make it last until Wednesday! Manna was meant to be eaten fresh every day, so we are to come to the Bread of Life every day for our fresh portion. Jesus said " Give us this day or daily bread." The whole reason we were created was to have a relationship with and to glorify the creator of the whole universe. Why do we neglect so great a priviledge?