Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weight Watchin

So I have been on WW since July 2, 2010. I have lost, to date, 42 pounds...I actually lost a few more, but then I went to Africa and came back wanting to eat like a lumberjack for about 2 weeks!

So now I am back in the saddle , so to speak, for my last 10 pounds before summer. Here are some tips I have found helpful to me over the last half a year or so:

Ugh! I really hate it, but I have found that the easiest thing I can do is walk for 20-30 min every morning. I make better food choices and have more energy if I do. Then I do sit ups at night.

I actually like water, but I drink a ton and have found that if I use a straw I drink more water..weird, but true.

When I am out and about:
When we are out running errands, my kids are always begging to stop for a treat. A few things that have saved me are:

Sonic's Diet Cherry Limeade. I go between 2-4 ( happy hour) and get the Rt 44 xtra large. It is .5 points and I sip on it all afternoon. It is caffeine free too :) Love it!

Zack's Fat Free/Sugar Free frozen yogurt. If you live somewhere that does not have a Zack's, I am sorry because it is awesome. AND a med sz is only 2 points!!!!

Because I drink SO much water at home anywhere we go and I can get a fountain Diet Coke or Diet Dr Pepper ( At Chick fil a) is a treat.

When I am home:

I love flax seed cereal with Almond milk. It is only 1 point for a bowl. A 1 point breakfast! YUM!

The little Deli round breads are also one point and I use them for BLT's or I will spread some Pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese and make pizza toast. If I am wanting something sweet I can spread a little nutella on toast too

Sherbet only has 2 points a serving, so I will buy sherbet, but I have found that the diet Ice cream just goes to waste in my freezer cause it is NASTY! So I will buy the good stuff and just use the 4 points for it if I really want ice cream. Same thing with sour is so worth the extra little bit to not eat ff sour cream..yuck

Laughing cow cheese and special K crackers

I eat a piece of chocolate everyday and don't write it down and I don't count the points. It is my little bit of rebellion to the diet machine. Its just enough to psychologically keep me going. I know I have rebellion issues...I blame it on my christian school years and being forced to wear culottes. :)

My Best out to eats:
Subway salads
Chick fila char grilled chicken salad with ff honey mustard dressing
Japanese mixed veggies with steamed rice
Panera black bean soup and Asian sesame chicken salad
Moes Jr Joey Burrito

Anyone else have any hints and tips that work for you..I would love to hear them!


Anonymous said...

I happened to come across your blog by hitting the "next" button. That thing about eating the chocolate and not claiming it and being rebellious cracked me up. You're doing great though. I agree that it is better to eat a few of your favorite brands and count them instead of settling for crap that you don't like! Hope you keep making progress! Bye. It's back to where ever I land in cyber space! :)

Our Journey to Africa said...

I joined WW (AGAIN) last month and haven't been doing very well, but this post made me want to try harder. There is just nothing convenient about counting points and preparing separate food when you have children. Have you seen this website: ? She gives a points value to every.single.recipe. and they are GOOD! I'm following your family blog now as we too are in process for two little ones from Ethiopia! Praying for you guys!
p.s. we homeschool as well!

Lin Mi said...

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