Tuesday, February 15, 2011

President's Day celebrations

President's Day is next Monday and while I usually don't post about our family fun nights until after we have had our fun { just in case something like a dog/ child gets sick or someone calls and asks us out for dinner or to a ballgame:) }

I have had a few people ask me to throw out my ideas for holidays before hand in case they want some inspiration...therefor Be inspired:

The Menu:
Lincoln logs ( pretzels)
Woodrow Wilson Whip ( dip)
Benjamin Franklin Burritos
Ronald Reagan Rice
William H Taft Tea
"I cannot tell a lie" George Washington cherry pie

Our crafts:

We are going to trace our hand from elbow to fingers and put it on paper like a tree. Then color green at the top and fingerprint cherries for a cherry tree.

We will also take coins and do a rubbing to make a copy of Mt. Rushmore


Pin the hat on Abe :)

Cyber scavenger hunt... I will have a piece of paper folded up. Everyone selects a paper and unfolds it to reveal a president. You must then Go on a cyber hunt to find out the questions listed about him and draw a picture:
The questions are:

Birth date
Which President
Fun Fact
State he is from
Wife's name

We will either watch a movie...I am still trying to decide which one or play a game..either hi ho cheerio, for Essie or Fact or Crap ( ya know not tellin a lie) game

There ya have it! Family Fun Night President's edition.. Feb 2011


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