Monday, July 12, 2010

Family Fun Night Watermelon style

It has been such a long time since we have had a Family Fun Night. We had a Friday night at home ( minus Abby, she was out with friends) so I decide that it was time. I actually have planned one or two Family Fun Nights each month for the next school year. I think it will be fun and when we get back from Ethiopia, if we are referred two children and one is older, then it is a perfect opportunity to expose him/her to themes in a safe hopefully not overwhelming environment.

So Friday night was Watermelon night! Everyone had to wear green , red or black shirts. I decorated the table with red tablecloth, green napkins, red bowls and we had our watermelon punch in clear fancy smancy glasses.

We started off with a finger painting craft.
For Dinner, I made bbq chicken , green rice and black kinda looked like a watermelon! This is not original to me, I found it on another blog, but it was reeaaalllly yummy!
Esther thought it was gross to eat green rice, but I am the mom that colors their milk green on St. Patrick's Day, so she still ate it! We also had watermelon punch.

After dinner, we had a bubble blowing contest with watermelon Hubba Bubba.

After dinner we watched the one Veggie Tale movie that I knew had a watermelon in it and looked to find him while we sipped on watermelon and blueberry smoothies.

Next up will either be a back to school theme or a blizzard theme. As hot as it has been, I am in the mood to pretend it is cold and snowy outside!