Thursday, June 3, 2010

School is out!!

Today was our very last day of school. My, what a busy month May has been. I have had two people comment on my lack of blog activity so I thought I would give you an update...all 2 of my readers! :)

We have had a fun time getting to the end of school. It has been a little bit of celebrating every week as we have started finishing up subjects one at a time. Today was the last chapter, the last paper and the last math test. Whew!! I am so proud of my soon to be 3rd, 5th and (gulp) 7th graders! We will celebrate tomorrow with a day trip to Carowinds! I have not been there since I was expecting Esther so I am super excited to go AND to have all three kids tall enough to ride the roller coasters!
For the summer we have pool days, basketball and volleyball camp (for Abby), a few days in the mountains, 4H activities,VBS and Greg and I are the sponsors for church camp so our whole crew gets to go to Charleston, SC for that.

We will hopefully get a picture so we can finally see our newest member of the family all the way from Ethiopia, baby Isaac. Depending on when we get "the call" is when we will travel, but it is possible we will have a Ethiopia trip to plan into our summer too!!

Hope everyone has an amazing summer. I'll post some Carowinds pictures on Saturday!

~ Jackie


Mama Teaching 2 said...

Congrat's on a year all finished up!