Tuesday, February 9, 2010

India update Tuesday

Greg was able to facebook chat with Abigail today. It was lunch here and after 10pm there. He said he was super tired, but that he was having a wonderful time. He got to visit a classroom of children and he said there was about 50 kids per class in a room about as big as a small bedroom! I am hoping I will get to chat with him later on tonight before he goes to preach ( his morning). I have ask him if he will post some pics on facebook, soo we will see if he is able too. Here is the schedule our friend Amol emailed me so we would know what they are doing:

Here will be their itinerary:

7th evening - they arrive at Nagpur airport, where I will pick them up and bring them to the place where they stay and rest!

8th Morning - Morning: Spending time with the staff of Gospel India Ministries and the kids at Project Anupama
Evening: Dedication of a missionary and then we travel back to NAGPUR for the Conference

9th Morning - Discipleship Conference begins from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm everyday till 12th February 2010
9th evening - Visiting the local churches.
10th evening - Meeting with a few key leaders
11th evening - Prayer Time... praying for India.

12th Evening - Their return flight to Mumbai and then on their way back to NC!