Thursday, February 4, 2010

India Travel plans

Greg's flight is out of Charlotte tomorrow at 2:00. Because of the ice storm that is coming through NC beginning late tonight, he is going down today and getting a motel with a shuttle to the airport. This will ensure he catches his flight and also the safety of me and the kids trying to get him there and then go to Virginia. Two men in our church offered to take him to Charlotte today so that the kids and I do not have to drive there and then to Virginia. I am so thankful!

I am also thankful he will get a night of peace and quiet and a chance to clear his head before beginning the trip...even if it does add one more night to our time apart.

He will then fly to Newark and on to Mumbai and then to Nagpur where he will spend the week. He unfortunately has an 18 hour layover in Mumbai, so we are praying they can either catch an earlier flight or get a motel room and catch some sleep.
Greg is planning to text or email me an update on what they are doing and how they are every day and I will post it on here. We appreciate the prayers, the contributions and the support.


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