Monday, January 11, 2010

Orthodontist, Observations and Opinions

I have had an eventful day and its not even 1:00. My Mondays are usually spent doing laundry, baking bread and starting our school week. Well, today Abigail had an orthodontist evaluation for braces in Winston-Salem at 9:00, so we were up & about early this cold morning. I also made an attempt to shop at Whole Foods. I decided one of my New Year's resolutions was try a new food each week that is good for us and I thought Whole Foods might give me some inspiration. I also had a few other errands as I was out. Here are a few random comments about our day thus far:

Braces are freakin expensive! If you are pregnant or have a baby or toddler. To your prayers for health and sanity add good straight teeth. $5,000 a mouth =Yikes!

Whole Foods is weird. I am sorry to those who love it and think it rocks. I just cant get into spending $6 for Rice Milk and Tofu. Plus it smelled gross in there. Who knew there are 72 different types of olives and who thought to make a whole salad bar out of them? A+ on the selection of Burt Bee's stuff though. After 30 minutes aimlessly wandering around and dodging the Yups with their recyclable grocery bags, Abby and I left with 2 packs of blueberries, some flour and a package of yeast...Cobbler anyone?

Since we were being adventurous we decided to try a new place for lunch. Qdoba ....Yum!! Don't know how to pronounce it, but it was good. I had a naked burrito and some tortilla soup. I would try it again. Still not Moes, but not too bad.

On our way home, we stopped at Walkertown Family Practice to pick up a letter our doctor had to write stating that the surgery I had to have my appendix out in 1994 would not hinder my ability to parent an adopted child.(I know...crazy) The nurse, Mary, that helped us with our physicians forms and also with this letter is awesome. When I called, she had the letter for me in just a few hours. Thanks Mary...We appreciate you going above and beyond for us!

Now I am home after my big morning in the city. Time to start school, make bread and do laundry. Just thought I would share my very different Monday.


Anonymous said...

I love Qdoba! And I love good times with your awesome family! :) (That's my attempt at commenting on two posts with one comment.)

Anonymous said...

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