Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mac or PC

Have you ever seen those funny Mac commercial about people choosing a mac over a pc? I think they are hilarious mainly because I am a mac person. There is a man at our church that knows a lot about computers, but he hates macs because he has really never worked with them before, so he says he feels lost on one.

My daughter, Abigail took her birthday and Christmas money to buy a netbook. She got a cute little Dell that she loves. When I was helping her set it up though it drove me crazy...yep, I'm a mac person. In fact, even my dog is named Mac!
I don't know why but I understand how they work. The place and format that come natural to me on a computer works on a Mac. I also love my Iphone...a lot. Like, it is probably not healthy to love an inanimate object quite so much. :)

Why do some people love Macs and the others PC? Fords or Chevys? Pepsi or Coke? I think it is because God made us all differently and gives us likes and dislikes accordingly. The world would be a very boring place if everyone's favorite color was green. There needs to be those reliable blues, prissy pinks and crazy oranges too. But, the very things that make us different and unique tend to drive us crazy in other people.
Acceptance and Tolerance are such overused words in the world we live in and I am NOT at all saying that we should accept sin, but when people chose things based on the way God made them or called them to be, then I think it is Biblical to accept and understand. Like maybe adopting a baby when you have three healthy kids or a deciding to homeschool.

Maybe there is someone that read my blog that is praying about taking a leap of faith in a direction you are sure God would want you to go, but are afraid of what others might say or think of you. Sometimes standing alone and being different can be a really good thing. Just ask Steve Jobs.


Anonymous said...

I think I know that man. :)

Jackie said...

Yeah I hear you've been sleeping with him! :)