Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April's Plans

Here are some things on the list for the 4th month of the year, a busy one at the Mullis house!

Celebrate our puppy Sammy's birthday on April 1st. I am going to get Abby to make some homemade puppy treats.

I am going to TN with my mom and sister and the kids get to spend two days with their Gramps! I think fishing and turkey hunting is on the activities schedule!

Watching lots of church softball and ymca baseball

End of the year testing for all three kiddos

A sleep over with some boys from church to celebrate Nathan's 9th birthday!

Egg hunt and Easter program at church

Coloring eggs and making Resurrection bread

Puppet show at Korners Folly on the 14th

Field trip with FHE to the Apple store on the 15th ( I think mommy is the most excited about that!)

Earth Day activities and possibly going to see the Disney movie Earth on the 22nd

Paint a bat house for our night friends

Do a study on Thomas Jefferson.. his birthday is April 13th

Order curriculum for next year and sign up for the NC home educators conference

Celebrate Amy's birthday on the 15th!

Leave for a week in Florida on the 27th and end the week on our Disney Cruise vacation!!!

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather with nature walks and journaling

Esther and I will finish up our Beatrix Potter study and are going to plant a teeny tiny little garden.

Happy April! March is sure going out like the lamb it should after the snow we had at the beginning of the month.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I made the list. You're right. It's going to be a busy April. Love ya! ~Amy