Saturday, January 3, 2009

January Plans

Here is some of the things we are planning to do in this first month of the new year.

Cheer for the GATORS in the national championship game for college football

Esther to begin a rowing Katy and the big snow

Aesop Fable Literature Pocket. I think we will do a fable a week with our Bible lesson

Finish Jotham's Journey (It was for Advent, but we didn't quite finish in time)

Abby to begin a study on Betsy Ross

Learn to play our new game Ticket to Ride

Snowflake craft

Watch Arctic Tale

Winter Nature walks

Poetry Study ~ Stopping by the woods by Robert Frost

Ski/Snow tubing trip to WV (and to visit some dear friends up there)

Skating Day

Home school PE

January 19th is A.A. Milne's Birthday, so I think we will celebrate on Friday the 16th with a little honey cakes and Pooh bear

Martin Luther King Jr. birthday (read a book about him and do a lap book)

Watch the Superbowl

Learn to knit ( this is a New Years Goal for Abby and me)

Make a pajama run...haven't done this in a while

Create peanutbutter bird feeders

Chinese New Year on the 26th. We will read a few books on the Holiday, make some Chinese lanterns and origami, watch Mulan and end the day by going out for Chinese Food.

the 29th is National Puzzle Day, so I will pick up a new puzzle to work on that day.


Janet said...

Hi Jackie! My name is Janet and I'm Kathy Phillips' daughter-in-law. She gave me your blog address and I have visited often getting ideas for homeschooling. I have four kids(10,7,4,2)and I homeschool the two oldest. We have been using A.C.E. for 3 years and I'm looking at other options. My kids are hands on learners and although we do special activities here and there, it's not enough. I've reviewed Tapestry of Grace, but it's just too expensive. I really like your approach to homeschooling and I would love to hear about how you choose your curriculum(especailly unit studies)and organize your lessons. If you're interested in discussing this with me my email address is Thanks!