Thursday, January 29, 2009

February Plans

Here are some of the things we are planning for February:

~ January 31st, we will read Brigid's Cloak ; An Irish Legend to kick off the month.
~ Watch the Superbowl on the 1st. I have a recipe for Touchdown Taco dip we will try
~ Make our " Mitch and Millie the Valentine Mice " Mailbox ( See above post)
~ Watch for Mr. Groundhog and read a few funny books on that legend and make a groundhog puppet.
~ We get to begin our WHE ( Walkertown Home Educaters) ACE clubs this month. Abby chose Scrapbook stampin and K9 Club, Nathan chose Basketball and Legos and Esther chose Bible crafts and Super Science. We meet on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Thursday of each month until May. On the first Friday of the month we go bowling. I am leading the Lego club and am excited about some of the themes we came up with for each week and I found lots of cool books at the library to go along with each theme
~ We will continue on with a moon lapbook to go along with our Astronomy study and plan a field trip to the planetarium at Sciworks.
~We have a Children and Widows luncheon at church on the 8th
~ We plan to celebrate Abe Lincoln's birthday on the 12th with a book about our 16th President and play with Lincoln logs.
~ Celebrate Greg's Birthday on the 14th
~ Make some valentines for our friends and read about the real St. Valentine
~Pull out the Christmas sugar cookie recipe and cut out heart shape cookies and decorate
~ Go to Florida for a week vacation to see family.
~ Begin Reading Inkheart out loud and maybe finish it up before the movie comes to the $2.50 movies in WS. If we can finish up the book, we may have to go watch the movie.
~ Celebrate Washington's birthday on the 22nd, complete with a book, craft and cherry pie :)
~ Make Mardi Gras masks and eat pancakes and bacon on Shrove Tuesday (The 24th). It is a tradition that many people gave up fat, eggs, milk and meat for lent and so they would finish up all they had in their house the day before Lent. The name Mardi Gras is french for Fat Tuesday. I am neither catholic or french, but I am all about dressing up and eating pancakes for dinner!
~ Esther and I are going to read through all of Beatrix Potter's books this spring and we may get a jump on that the end of this month.

Have a happy last week of January!


Rachel said...

No valentines scavenger hunt this year? Lauren asked me if yesterday we were having one this year. Guess I'll have to be creative and come up with one. Looks like you guys are gonna have a great month! Hope to see you when you come down! :)