Monday, November 17, 2008

A Merry Christmas lecture

I like Christmas. In fact, I have urges to begin holiday music around August, but usually hold off.
I have read a few articles in different newspapers and magazines this year about "stress free' Christmas and "How to simplify the holidays" and money wise, I think that is a very smart thing to do. I know our children have so many toys that it would not hurt them a bit for the bar to be lowered.
The thing I don't like about these articles is that they suggest we could destress our self following these ideas:

Don't sending Christmas cards ~ Well I happen to love getting Christmas cards and so I don't want to stop giving them. This is the only time of year I am in contact with quite a few people on my list. It would make me sad if all the people I enjoy getting cards from took this advice. I would think they didn't like me anymore.

Cook premade or store bought~ If you are not going to cook real mashed potatos and stuffing, in my opinion.... just don't bother. I love to bake and Christmas is a good excuse to spend a day in the kitchen listening to carols and baking away.

Say NO to church activities ~ It happens to be about Jesus birth and all, so to me it would be good if we give some thought to the real reason for the season.....I'm just sayin.

Stop shopping ~ Well now, asking me to stop breathing might be easier....:)

Tell your family you are staying home this season. ~ At Christmas,if your not going to appreciate the fact that you have a family and they love and want to spend time with you, well then I just don't know when ya will.

I guess what I am saying is by all means don't stress the season away, but don't simplify it to the fact that it doesn't mean anything special to you and is remarkably forgettable. Cherish your family..cook for them, love on them. Sing in the choir, send out cards, sit and listen to your family together and enjoy the rewards of your labors.

So, here is my first Merry Christmas of the year to you all!