Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Home School update

School is going really really well this year. I canot believe we are already at the 10 week mark. I really like starting after Labor Day. I might not feel the same about that in May, but for right now it has been working really well. Here are a few things we are doing:
Bible ~ We are reading Missionary and Wisdom stories with the Millers. I love these books. They are such interesting stories and lead to good discussions with the kids, We are also memorizing Psalms 100 for November.

History ~ Story of the World. The kids have a history notebook thye are working on as we study early civilazation. We are going to participate in an Around the World Fair in the spring and we have chosen Australia for our country. I think that will be a lot of fun.

Science ~ Apologia's Exploring Creation with Astronomy. Awesome. I love this book.I have never likes Science, but even I am learning with the kids.

We are using Math U See for math still and it is going smoothly.

Abeka still for Language and Phonics, reading and spelling.

We are in our second session of PE at the YMCA, Abby will begin basketball in December. We are looking for a guitar teacher for Nathan. We may join a coop in Walkertown in January if the enrollment is not full.

The kids are in a Christmas play at church and Abby is also in the teen play. We also have all kinds of Christmas activities to do at church,so we are staying pretty busy for sure! We love it here in NC and am so glad God has allowed us to move back here.


Heather said...

Hey there! So we need to see about getting together since you are in the same state sometime! Maybe after the new year and all the crazy holiday stuff going on! I hope you are doing good!